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Backcountry pros look out for one other.
The North County Times- January 29, 2010 By CHARLES CARR

About two dozen Valley Center/Pauma residents have created a group called Professional Referral Organization (PRO) designed to hone presentation skills and generate job referrals from within the group itself. I spoke this week with the group's president, Verle Yoder, and vice president, Renee Meyst.

"PRO is great, because the best work comes from referrals," Meyst said. "The person who hires you has already been convinced by someone he or she knows and trusts. Also, word-of-mouth costs a lot less ---- nothing!"
The group meets from 8 to 9 a.m. every Tuesday at Meyst's own business, Valley Center Fitness, located near Valley View Casino and the VC Middle School. PRO has a unique model ---- each members pays a one-time fee of $75 and only one person from each profession is allowed in the group at any one time (to wit: don't bother joining if you own a fitness studio). "That allows us to better focus on each individual member's needs," Meyst said. "We're a business group more than a social group," Yoder said. "We keep track of referrals by writing them down on a spreadsheet. Then, if so-and-so is not getting referrals, we all work extra hard to get some for that person in the coming week." "We usually have a guest speaker at each meeting," Meyst said. "If there's a week where we don't have a speaker, we'll talk about things like what was the most successful marketing thing you did in the past year. We also work on what we call our 30-second commercial or elevator pitch."
"It's been really successful to me as far as getting the word out about what I do here at my fitness center," Meyst said. There's a lot more than two dozen professions in the world. See it there's room for yours. Contact Yoder at 760-297-2172 or Meyst at 760-749-1523. Check out the Professional Referral Organization website at www.vcpro.org.

Business Networking Group Seeks Members
March 27, 2007

The Professional Referral Organization, Valley Center's original referral based business networking organization is seeking to add new members. This new business exchange group was recently formed by Verle Yoder, to help local area entrepreneurs and small business owners work together to increase their own business through a structured and supportive word of mouth referral based networking meeting.

When Verle Yoder, a local Realtor and owner of Sterling Productions a website developer, approached Carol Mohrbacher with the referral based group idea, she immediately saw the benefits for her Executive Gift Service business and joined as Vice President. Together they have been steadily working to grow the group membership. When asked about the group's vision Yoder replied, "Our mission is to enhance the business success of our members, by networking with a mix of business services to promote the exchange of business referrals."

Currently they are making a strong push to increase membership and by extension the effectiveness of the organization. Mohrbacher adds, "We are not merely a lead generation group, PRO offers members the opportunity to share marketing ideas, contacts, and referrals. PRO has great potential to build your business, without hiring a sales force!"

The essence of networking is meeting people, letting them know what you can do and then producing results. The reward is an opportunity for more sales and generating positive word-of-mouth that reaches the ears of potential clients. The organization allows only one person per profession to join the group. Visitors are encouraged to attend any of the weekly meetings. on Tuesday mornings 8-9 a.m. If you are ready to enhance and grow your business, please come join PRO at our next meeting.


  Department of Veterans Affairs
San Diego Healthcare System
December 8, 2009

Dear Professional Referral Organization (PRO)

Thank you for donating to the VA San Diego Healthcare System's Care & Share Silent Auction. Your generosity is appreciated during this holiday season.

Donation received from the Silent Auction will go towards our annual Care and Share Food Drive. Your genuine concern and participation as a VA employee helps many families throughout San Diego County to receive baskets filled with food.

Thank you again for your overwhelming support of our program.


Suzanne Carranza
Care & Share 2009

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